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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Sonic Reality Symphony Strings 2 SampleTank Expansion

10:16 PM

Sonic Reality Symphony Strings 2 SampleTank Expansion

Sonic Reality has pulled out another classic Xpansion from the Vault, this time expanding on the original “Symphony Strings” title with additional solo and ensemble strings from their Interactive String Section archives and more. Featuring violins, violas, celli and basses played in a variety of different performance articulations such as legato, marcato, pizzicato, tremolo and more. If you’re looking for lush strings with emotion and feeling to add to your music, whether it is Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Dance or Film Music, Symphony Strings 2 delivers unprecedented value for an orchestral string collection. Over 700 MB of strings that are different than the strings found in Miroslav Philharmonik. Having both offers a wider palette of orchestral flavors to choose from and build up lush layers.
Number of Sounds:
103 Sample based sounds (parent)
102 Preset sounds (child)

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