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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Steinberg Cubase Artist v8.0.40 X64 WiN

9:56 PM

Steinberg Cubase Artist v8.0.40 X64 WiN

17 October 2018 | x64 Win | 345.89MB

Download links are for Artist installer and Artist update are :

Cubase Pro 8 Complate Installation
Cubase Pro 8.0.40 Update

To install Cubase Artist 8.0.40:
Install Cubase Elements 8 trial
0. Install Elicenser control center if it has not been installed already from elicenser site
1. Install ( Cubase Elements 8 trial from Start      Center only
– Works 30 days this way
– To erase all licenses in Soft-Elicenser and reinstall Cubase Elements 8 trial:
2. After 30 days uninstall Elicense control center, uninstall Elements 8, delete C:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft\SeLicenser.sel, restart computer
3. Install again ELement 8 trial from Start Center only after restart computer
4. repeat 2 and 3 after 30 days
– there are other ways too to get unlimited trial license
Install Artist:
1. Install Cubase 8.0 64-bit from Start Center in Cubase 8.0 ISO or zip, for example from Steinberg Cubase 8.0 site or elsewhere.
2. Update Cubase to 8.0.40 with updater from Cubase 8.0 site
3. Delete Cubase 8\VST3 folder
4. Delete Cubase 8\VSTPlugins folder
5. Replace and copy to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 8 files in
6. Disconnect possible Steinberg USB-Elicenser if it contains Cubase trials/licenses. Soft-Elicensers work normally.
7. Start Cubase 8 and select Cubase Artist
8. Disable steinberg hub in preferences/general

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